My name is Ann C.K. Nickell.

I am a walking miracle and warrior woman who’s on a mission to help you transform your story from “I didn’t sign up for this!” to “I love my life!” by guiding and empowering you to create a beautiful life story movie that you never tire of watching.

When we create our own beautiful life story movies, it encourages others to do the same, and we build a wonderful world for us all.

My story of survival, and blessings, started before I was born when my mom suffered a miscarriage and lost my twin, but I survived.

That little girl grew to love music and books and dreamed of becoming a writer one day.

She didn’t know, though, the path her
life would take to get there. A life of family, friends, career, abuse, loss, and anxiety.

After ending my 20+ year emotionally abusive marriage, I started my own business so I could work from home, and I started writing again. But my struggle wasn’t over.

A year later, an allergic reaction to an antibiotic nearly took my life and my leg. God blessed me with two miracles, and I pushed through the long recovery with faith, gratitude, and a positive mindset.

I didn’t take that blessing for granted, and five months later, I published my first book and finally achieved published Author status.

Overcoming that major obstacle gave me a new purpose in life, and I am now an award-winning Author, Motivational Speaker, Podcaster, and Story Shepherd Coach, empowering other women to overcome their obstacles and build a life of their own design.

Living on the Upside infuses your life with joy, peace, and clarity by blessing you with the power to overcome life's setbacks, realize your dreams, and create a beautiful life story movie of your own design that leaves a legacy.

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